It’s April of 2017!!!      Call now.    Let’s go windsurfing.

$50 deposit required to book your appointment.   Deposit is refundable if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time.

  • Learn windsurfing from the very start (rigging, going back and forth, plus turning!) 
  • Learning for all ages and body types. Teaching gear has improved dramatically over the years and is making it possible for kids and smaller sailors to experience this sport comfortably and safely. 
  • Learn on advanced equipment and master techniques (harness lines, waterstarting and sailing on various boards)
  • Learn advanced turns 
  • Learn racing techniques 
  • Learn where to take the windsurfer in the Houston and surrounding areas.
  • Learn what equipment you should buy and where to buy it.  Used versus new.


Upon completion of the Intro/Beginning Windsurfing lesson you should feel comfortable enough to windsurf on your own. This lesson is designed to ensure a fun windsurfing experience while preparing you for the next level!

What months of the year can you learn windsurfing in Houston?

March - October are usually fine without wetsuit. if you have a wetsuit, add February and November.

Where do you learn windsurfing in Houston area?

To be determined based on the weather or the skill you are learning. See Locations tab.

Is equipment provided and included in the price?

Equipment will be provided for Beginning classes. Equipment can be provided in Intermediate Windsurfing classes.

You will need your own water shoes. Children will need to bring their own lifejacket.

How long are the lessons?
See Curriculum and Pricing tab for details about class lengths which vary from 3 to 4 hours.

If you choose group class rather than individual lesson?

If you choose a group class, you may be joined by up to 3 other people.

What skills are taught and at what levels?

See the Curriculum & Pricing tab for a description of the lessons available. We can always tailor a lesson to meet your specific needs and skill level.


Cliff’s Qualifications

  • Windsurfing over 35 years,
  • Racing over 30 years
  • Teaching over 25 years
  • Recipient of numerous awards and acknowledgements for windsurfing skills and teaching abilities. (examples: Masters Champion National Windsurfing  2000 Techno 283; 1st Place 2013 NTWR Pumpkin Cup - Open Class, 1st Place 2012 Texas State Championship - Formula Fleet ; 1st Place NTWR 2011 Pumpkin Cup - Formula Fleet)
  • Certified: U.S. Sailing Level 1 Windsurfing Instructor


 Cliff's cell   281-851-6671 or email me at